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Regence app screens: dashboard, claims, claim details

Establish a new direction for mobile healthcare – Regence app

Having an iOS app on the market for about a year, Regence was ready to branch onto the Android platform. They brought me on to their team to lead the design initiative, not only to have an Android version of their app but to incorporate a fundamentally better user experience for their mobile audience overall. Everything outlined below was worked on over a years time.

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    Cambia Creative Studio

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  • What I did:

    UX/UI, User Testing, Prototyping

Regence app wireframes: dashboard, claims, and claim details.

Data vs Assumptions

An in-person moderated testing session was conducted soon after the release of the iOS app which identified both critical and minor pain-points. This report combined with minimal user data was the only information we had to base our design decisions on. Because of the lack of data, we designed with a lot of assumptions knowing that there was an opportunity to test them in beta release.

Regence app wireframes. Message center, contact us, benefits

Make haste – with intention

The development team was well into their sprint series when I joined. With weekly grooming sessions and bi-weekly sprint reviews, design was able to catch up, but it made for a very rapid agile process. Wireframes were reviewed in grooming, where the devs would evaluate what would make it into MVP, modified high-fidelity designs were then created to present to the larger stakeholder group for sign off.

Regence app screens: login, family benefits, find a doctor.

MVP Launch

Endless hours of collaboration and just a few short months later, we were ready to launch the MVP version of the app. Throughout the process we obviously pulled back on a lot of features for the sake of the timeline but they were all added to a post-launch enhancements list by the project owner so they could later be evaluated and implemented.

Regence app screens: find a doctor, message center, message reply


Before we released the app to the public we launched to a small beta testing group. I also worked closely with the user testing team to craft a task-based script that would allow us to test some of our assumptions during 8 sessions of moderated in-person testing.


Testing with both existing app users and non-app users gave us a great perspective on the initial impression and the reaction to the new interface. The feedback by both the users and stakeholders was such that the company decided to implement the new design onto the iOS platform as well.

Keep pace

All items that didn’t make it into MVP were placed into a post-launch enhancements list. The team collaborated to gauge UX effort, dev effort, and user impact. Using this feedback to compare against the business goals the PM was able to prioritize the next initiatives. Below are a few of those enhancements.

Regence app enhancement examples: new claims, HSA balance, and urgent care map

Contextual help

One of the most critical and longest outstanding pain-point for, not only the mobile audience but the entire Regence member base, was the confusion around health insurance terms. Intuitive interaction, simple language, and personalized information were key to the success of this enhancement. Working closely with the PM and content team were integral to its execution. Collaborating with the team at Userzoom, I was able to create a very comprehensive testing series that tested both the interaction and understanding of the content.

Regence mobile app contextual help enhancements

Just the beginning

In tandem with the contextual help and enhancements, there was a large effort put into researching increased engagement through segmented messaging. The PM and dev team on this project do an exceptional job at keeping momentum. There is great stuff in the works for the mobile side of Regence.

Regence app product map

“...she became an integral part of the product design team, researching best practices, interviewing internal SMEs, and testing concepts with end users. She is deeply passionate about user needs and desires, an excellent cross discipline collaborator, and absolutely fearless when taking on new challenges”

Dave Elam, Mobile Product Owner