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Gigya search results design

Website for one of the leaders in customer identity management

Gigya came to us in wanting a redesign that would thoroughly illustrate their story and explain their complex services to current and potential customers. Becuase of Gigya’s complexity and the tight timeline, we worked in a very fast, agile process with heavy collaboration, internally, and with the client.

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    Gravitate Design

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  • What I did:

    UI, Responsive

Gigya event and blog web designs

Nothing Overlooked

My primary focus on this project was the design of the resources section and site’s overall responsiveness. We wanted to give the users a great experience at every touchpoint. Pixel perfect designs and heavy collaboration with the development team was vital to this success.

Gigya mobile web design for blog and events
Gigya partner screen design

“Gravitate was tasked with creating a visionary web experience under an exceptionally tight deadline, and they delivered. Colten and his team were dedicated, innovative and supportive from concept through completion, and the result is a truly unique user experience that effectively tells Gigya’s story while captivating visitors. ”

Dave Scott, CMO, Gigya