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With Cambias growing focus on user experience, I lead an initiative that identified their customers’ primary user goals and jobs to be done. These insights were the foundation in which their new healthcare management product was built.  The details below are kept intentionally vague to protect all parties involved.

  • With:

    Cambia Creative Studio

  • What I Did:

    Strategy, Prototyping, User Testing

Abstract white boarding scribbles

Stakeholder evaluation

Our first priority was evaluating the business goals and needs from key stakeholders. Individual interviews with each were held, followed by a brainstorming session between the UX, content, and user testing departments. This session helped us identify assumptions that the UX team would work to conclude.

Brainstorming session with stakeholders

Assumed user goals

For our first testing session, we wanted to evaluate how well the user needs aligned with business goals and assumptions. The first exercise had each participant sort a list of forty-eight goals into four different priority groups. Twelve participants were in-person for moderated testing and another thirty completed this as a card sorting exercise, online and unmoderated.

Build your experience

The second half of the testing session was dedicated to having the participants build their own layouts with a customized approach to paper prototyping. Each person evaluated over thirty modular cards; placing each into the design as they deemed that it would help them facilitate their healthcare goals from the previous exercise.   

Animated paper-prototyping exercise

Round one results

These exercises gave us great insight into user expectations.  Several strategy meetings took place to identify all the patterns and trends so that we could take our insights into the next round of testing.

Next steps

Another UX designer and I worked tirelessly to execute the next deliverable; a high-fidelity interactive prototype. We also worked with the user testing team to create a task based script that would help evaluate the user’s ability to accomplish tasks with the new interface. 

Dashboard design obscured for NDA

Stakeholder review

With all the research and data at hand, we presented our findings to the stakeholder group. The overall feedback was positive and everyone was excited to be moving in this direction. A new effort was in the works upon the wrap-up of this project to pursue these findings, and plan for implementation.

“Important to user experience design, Miranda has been instrumental in helping us plan, design, and moderate usability test sessions & design research projects helping us gather crucial insights and feedback from REAL PEOPLE. ”

Jesse Gonzalez, Experience Manager